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Project Overview

Vale Visor is an end-to-end software application, that assists valets and valet companies to work more efficiently. The aim of this project is to reduce the difficulties experienced by the valets and build a powerful tracking system to help the business owners.

Client Smart Vale
Industry Automotive/Service
Project Software Development
& UI/UX Design
Year 2017
User Interface Design
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Freelance User Interface Designer

Web + Mobile

Vale Visor is a 2-part software application. First is the mobile application that is used by the valets to assist their workflow. Second is a central "Web Panel" where business owners or supervisors can track the happenings of the business.

UI Design
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The mobile application allows valets to add incoming cars, track currently parked cars and delete after the car is delivered to the client. With this app the valet can easily add and view car/client details, where it's parked, who parked it etc.
The app also has features such as; park status, which the valet can see which parking slots are parked and empty before going to the parking area. There are also helpful features such as an in-app chat system (which can also receive and send messages to the web panel), account details which show the users latest activities etc.
Vale Visor can connect to Bluetooth-based receipt printers to print a receipt. This receipt was given to the client after the valet receives the key.
Clients hands out the receipt when they want their car back. The valet, instead of writing and searching for the car in the application can use the built-in camera to read the QR on the receipt. This opens the specific cars detail page. The whole reading, finding and displaying process takes around 2 to 3 seconds.
The Web Panel is what the business owner, supervisors and accountants usually use. This web panel displays all the car activities, park status, valet details (how many actions they took this day/week/month), client database etc. There are also some data calculations such as daily, weekly and monthly financial incomes, most active days, most active valets etc.
The application provides full control to the administrator without the need of an active developer. The administrator can easily add, edit and delete users and user-data from the web panel (both app and web users), as well as interact with the database. Another feature is creating "user-groups" for the web panel. For example, the admin can create a user-group which can only view financial and business-related data from the web panel, and assign specific users to this user-group (e.g. accountants).

Additional Work

Some additional images from the application, the logo and landing page design.

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Freelance UX Design
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