Developer & UI/UX Designer

I guess a lot of text should go in here because people badly want to know about a guy who has a kick-ass website they never saw. So, I would type some text that makes sense, and the rest will be just plain crap. Again, if you are irritated with this kind of bull crap, please forgive this poor soul because he ain’t a writer. Just a guy like you who should get his job done.

Besides working on programming and UI/UX projects, I sometimes explode and conquer the world. Like, in dreams and fantasies. No, there’s no humour in it.

If you want to have a chat you can email at mail@batuhankorur.com, or find me at Instagram or LinkedIn

How I Craft


On the front-end, I use HTML/CSS as Pug and Sass. Depending on the project I would likely go for Javascript with jQuery. For web applications I often use React or Vue JS. For the back-end, I'm more comfortable with the LEMP Stack(Linux, Nginx, PHP, MySQL), Laravel, and Wordpress.

UI/UX Design

On UI/UX projects, I usually use Sketch but I'm also fluent with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, XD and Figma. I also have a small business where we sell design products for designers, which you can check out from www.uibears.com

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